Unlocking Financial Success and Personal Growth

Becoming a Millionaire Program

The "Becoming a Millionaire Program" is a comprehensive 10-week training and coaching initiative designed to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to achieve financial success, personal growth, and holistic well-being.

Through a structured curriculum, expert guidance, and practical exercises, participants will embark on a transformative journey that covers personal finance, skill enhancement, entrepreneurship, networking, and health management.

This program aims to equip individuals with the tools they need to excel in their careers, establish thriving businesses, cultivate diverse income streams, and lead enriched, successful lives.


Cultivation of a growth-oriented mindset.
Enhanced financial literacy and responsible money management.
Skill development for career advancement and business success.
Cultivation of a growth-oriented mindset.
Enhanced financial literacy and responsible money management.
Skill development for career advancement and business success.

Program Outline

Week 1-2: Foundations of Financial Intelligence
Goal: Lay the groundwork for understanding personal finance and developing a proactive financial mindset.
Week 1: Introduction to Financial Literacy and Mindset
Importance of financial literacy and its impact on life.

Mindset shift: From scarcity to abundance.
Assessment of current financial situation and goals.
Week 2: Budgeting, Savings, and Debt Management
Creating a practical budget and tracking expenses.
Strategies for saving and building an emergency fund.
Understanding different types of debt and managing them effectively.
Week 3-4: Increasing Value in the Marketplace
Goal: Enhance participants' skills and value proposition in their chosen fields.
Week 3: Skill Development and Continuous Learning
Identifying skills for personal and professional growth.
Setting learning goals and creating a learning plan.
Exploring online courses, workshops, and resources.
Week 4: Personal Branding and Effective Communication
Crafting a personal brand statement.
Strategies for networking and effective communication.
Elevator pitch and online presence enhancement.
Week 5-6: Entrepreneurship and Business Mastery
Goal: Equip participants with the knowledge and tools to thrive as entrepreneurs.
Week 5: Ideation, Validation, and Planning
Generating business ideas and evaluating their viability.
Conducting market research and validating business concepts.
Creating a business plan outline.
Week 6: Business Operations and Scaling
Fundamentals of business operations and management.
Strategies for scaling a business and managing growth.
Introduction to financial management for businesses.
Week 7-8: Expanding Income Streams
Goal: Introduce participants to various income-generating opportunities.
Week 7: Exploring Side Hustles and Gig Economy
Identifying potential side hustle opportunities.
Balancing side hustles with main income sources.
Time management and prioritization techniques.
Week 8: Passive Income and Investments
Understanding passive income sources (dividends, royalties, etc.).
Introduction to basic investment concepts (stocks, real estate, etc.).
Assessing risk tolerance and setting investment goals.
Week 9: Networking and Relationship Building
Goal: Enhance participants' ability to create valuable connections.
Week 9: Importance of Networking and Building Connections
Recognizing the value of networking in personal and professional growth.
Strategies for networking both online and offline.
Elevating relationships from acquaintance to partnership.
Week 10: Wellness and Sustainable Success
Goal: Teach participants the importance of maintaining well-being for long-term success.
Week 10: Balancing Work, Health, and Personal Life
Understanding the impact of stress on success.
Strategies for managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Crafting a personalized success roadmap for sustainable growth.
Throughout the 10-week program, participants will engage in online modules, attend live webinars led by industry experts, participate in group coaching sessions, complete assignments to apply their learning, and interact with fellow participants through a dedicated online platform.

This comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only gain knowledge but also have the opportunity to apply it in real-life scenarios, fostering true transformation and growth.

Packages, Benefits & Cost


Each package builds upon the previous one, offering participants the flexibility to choose the level of engagement that suits their needs and goals. All packages include online modules, live webinars, group coaching sessions, and assignments.

Participants can interact with coaches and peers through a dedicated online platform. The Advanced Package provides a holistic approach to achieving financial success, personal growth, and well-being.

Participants can select the package that aligns with their current knowledge, goals, and commitment level. As they progress through the program, they have the option to upgrade to a more comprehensive package to further enhance their learning journey.

Program Instructor Profile

Ekow Mensah

Lead Instructor


Ekow has almost 2 decades experience in the training and development field training over 20,000 individuals in several countries.

He has worked with a variety of clients, including Global, Continental & National Corporate Companies, Non-Profit Organizations, SMEs and Government Agencies.

Ekow specializes in instructional design, facilitation & training delivery, curriculum development, consulting and coaching and has developed and delivered training programs on a wide range of topics, from leadership development, entrepreneurship, business development, marketing & sales, customer service, negotiation, ESG, DEI and several others.


Some Select companies Ekow has trained with and for;
1. Development Bank Ghana
2. Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry
3. DwellWorks, USA
4. OakGreen Knowledge Academy
5. Kosmos Innovation Center
6. Standard Chartered Bank
7. VLISCO Ghana Cluster
8. Premium Bank
9. UT Bank
10. FBN Bank
11. National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program (NEIP)
12. Invest in Africa
13. United Bank of Africa (UBA)
14. British Council, Ghana
15. Ghana Tech Lab (GTL)
16. MTN Foundation
17. MEST
18. Nalo Solutions Limited
19. JACCD Design Institute & many more

Education & Professional Qualification

Ekow holds the following:
Diploma Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - Faculty of Book Industry, Kumasi - KNUST
Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from KNUST, Kumasi Ghana
Master's degree in Education with a focus on training and development, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuoro, (Altis Graduate School of Business & Society), Milano MI, Italy
Certificate in Starting and sustaining your own Business, Kumasi – KNUST
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Africa – TOT, Coventry University, UK
Certificate in Facilitator Validation for Africa, Imagine Education, UK – South Africa Aptis English Proficiency Test, British Council, Accra – Ghana MIT D-Lab Lean Research; Ashesi University, MIT D-lab & USAID

Expertise: Ekow is an expert in adult learning theory and instructional design. He is also a skilled facilitator, trainer and coach, and has helped numerous clients improve their training delivery and communication skills.
Passion: Ekow is passionate about helping others develop their skills and reach their full potential. He believes that training and development are essential for personal and professional growth, and he is committed to helping others achieve their goals.
Approach: Ekow takes a fun, practical, hands-on approach to training and development. He believes in creating engaging, interactive training programs that provide participants with real-world skills and tools they can use immediately. He also focuses on building strong relationships with his clients and participants, and is committed to providing personalized support and guidance throughout the program.

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