In a world driven by impressions, perceptions, and digital visibility, the need for effective personal and business brand management has never been more critical.

The Ekow Mensah 100 Outstanding Brand Management Program is an exclusive initiative designed to provide comprehensive brand management services to 100 individuals and businesses over a 12-month period.

By leveraging our expertise, we aim to bring ideas to life, elevate brand presence, attract opportunities and clients, and ensure consistency in values, promises, and offerings.

Program Structure:

Sign-Up Fee: To kickstart this transformative journey, participants are required to pay a one-time sign-up fee of 1000 Ghana Cedis. This fee serves as a commitment to the brand management process.

Review of Expectations & Deliverables: The program begins with a detailed session to understand the unique expectations and deliverables desired by each participant. This sets the foundation for a customised brand management strategy.

Current State of Brand Audit & Report: An in-depth analysis of the current brand status will be conducted, resulting in a comprehensive report outlining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Engagement Letter: Following the audit, an engagement letter will be provided, clearly stipulating the specific services, duration, and associated costs tailored to meet the participant's brand management needs.

Assignment of an Account Manager: Each participant will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring personalised attention and effective communication throughout the brand management journey.

Monthly Coaching Sessions:Participants will benefit from monthly brand building and management coaching sessions, providing insights, strategies, and tools to strengthen their brand position.

Monthly Review & Accountability Sessions: Regular monthly brand growth reviews will be conducted to assess progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure accountability towards set brand goals.

Access to Monthly Webinars: Exclusive access to monthly webinars covering a variety of brand-building topics will be provided, enriching participants with the latest industry insights and best practices.

Commencement of Brand Management Services: With expectations defined, brand management package selected & initial payment made, the brand management services will commence, covering a spectrum of elements to enhance brand identity and visibility.


The Ekow Mensah 100 Outstanding Brand Management Program is more than a service; it's a partnership for brand excellence.
Join us on this transformative journey, where your brand isn't just managed; it's nurtured, developed, and strategically positioned for success. Let's craft a brand story that captivates and resonates. Together, let's elevate your brand to extraordinary heights.

Brand Management Packages

Bespoke Package

A flat fee charged for specific services agreed upon during the Expectations & Deliverables session, spanning over a predefined duration.

Customised Retainer Fee

A monthly retainer fee covering a comprehensive range of brand management services, including but not limited to:
● branding and graphic design
● social media management
● website design & management
● personal or corporate profile drafting
● ideation and project development
● events management
● publishing support and ghostwriting
● goals setting, and vision clarification.

Additional Services:

● Public Relations Campaigns
● Influencer Marketing
● Customer Relationship Management
● Product/Service Launch Strategy
● Market Research and Analysis
● Crisis Management