You’ve got this!

You First!
June 17, 2020

My entrepreneurship journey has not been easy. Sometimes it feels as though I don’t even know what I am doing or where I am going. Other times, it feels great to be exploring the possibilities of doing something amazing that will open doors for so many people and transform lives even beyond my existence.

The thought of giving up has crossed my mind more than I can count and the strength to keep going is as inconsistent as the current weather pattern; (I initially wanted to use as inconsistent as utility supply in Ghana but we are in election year, so one should be cautious lest he is tagged…lol)

Anyway, my point is; being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, it has it’s lows and highs and sometimes you may not have everything figured out. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it especially for those that sacrifice a consistent paying job for an irregular income stream.

Having and running a business is a whole business on its own and some of you may probably make more money consulting and coaching others with your entrepreneurial journey than even running the business you have now.

Waking up every morning knowing that other people’s livelihoods and your own livelihood depend entirely on you and the performance of your business can be truly daunting. It’s way easy if you were running a ‘one-man’ business with only you to be concerned about but what growth and fulfillment is in that?!

Let me assure you that your pain, sacrifice, sweat, blood and tears will not go waste. It will surely pay off! You will figure it out and you will be successful. It may not be today or tomorrow but certainly someday and hopefully soon.

Oh I know it’s not easy, I know you are mostly alone, I know you have no active support system, I know you cry when no one is watching, I know you wish it didn’t have to be this hard, I know you are scared sometimes. Regardless, I know you have what it takes and you are going to make this happen big time.

Remember, God’s got your back and He will not allow you to fail. Even if you do, it will only be part of the learning process. Be confident in yourself, your ideas, your business, your people and your entrepreneurial journey. The best is yet to come! Keep Going, Keep Hoping, Keep your head up. You’ve got this!


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