You are a woman; so what?! Is that an excuse to stay mediocre and dependent?

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September 11, 2018
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Welcome to WomanRising Wednesday – What excuses are you still giving yourself?

You are a woman; so what?! Is that an excuse to stay mediocre and dependent? Limiting your power to do great things is a choice you CAN NOT keep making!

Being a woman is a rare privilege that only 3.52 Billion people in the world are blessed to have. With a lifespan longer than men and with far reaching potentials that position women to reach for higher heights in their endeavours, it is nothing less of an excuse when a woman decides to be less than they can truly be in life.

Being a woman is an advantage that can be harnessed to exceed expectations in business, in career and in the society. With women now earning more college degrees than men; acquiring more knowledge and skills better position them to be best suited for opportunities for career and business advancement now more than ever before.

Being a women gives you access to so many resources, supportive networks and empowering programs that have the potential to support you on your journey to become an inspirational world-class success. With countless role models and proven track record of women doing amazing things all over the world, it is baffling, to say the least, to see women that are using their sex and gender to stay mediocre and dependent on others for validation, love, acceptance, provision, protection, handouts, attention, affection, happiness and many more.

Being a woman comes at absolutely no disadvantages except the ones you choose to accept and allow to be your reality. Going to the very top of the corporate ladder is no longer an impossibility and owning the corporate ladder is fast becoming the order of the day. Not being part of that movement as a woman is frankly doing yourself a great injustice and depriving the world of a gift that keeps giving.

I am not sure what excuses you are still giving yourself to stay small, unnoticed and easily dispensable in life, in your career and in your business but my dear woman, you can do and be better than this and you know it! Get hold of your mind and your body and push yourself a little farther every day. Do something every day, no matter how small, to better yourself, to grow your business, to advance your career, to make more money and to live a more enriched life.

Tiptoeing through life as a woman does the world no good! Get up and keep moving! You have what it takes to be all you desire to be! Remember that, always!

By: Ekow Mensah;
Founder – WomanRising & GirlEmpowered


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