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I have been named amongst the 100 Most Influential Young Africans, 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians, CocaCola 60 Young Leaders in Ghana, Speakers Bureau Africa’s Top 100 Speakers in Ghana and a Finalist Nominee for the African Leadership Academy Anzisha Prize for African Entrepreneurship Catalyst Award sponsored by MasterCard Foundation and one out of the 10 Internationally Certified Productivity Coaches in Ghana.

I am the Founder and CEO of the African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) and WomanRising Network, Managing Consultant and Certified Business & Life Coach of Ekow Mensah Consulting, Managing Director of IConceptsPR. I am serial entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, author, speaker, business and internationally certified productivity coach who has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Personal Development, Startup & SME markets, both as a practitioner, consultant and a multiple business owner.

My Engagement Portfolio

My Engagement Timeline

  • February 2022 MEST Scale Programme - Consultant & Business Advisor

    MEST is a private not-for-profit organization committed to the socioeconomic transformation of Africa through its support of private sector engagement and the promotion of entrepreneurship and leadership across Africa. The MEST Scale Programme ("Programme”) is an accelerator program supporting small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana with partnership support from the Mastercard Foundation through the Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works initiative. The Programme is designed for leaders and management teams of Venture Participants seeking to scale their enterprises. Through the Programme, MEST collaborates with leaders as they actively work on their enterprise, build capacity and increase its chances to successfully scale.
  • March 2020 to presentGTL - Business Development Consultant & Facilitator

    I am an Expert Contracted Training Partner that provides the Startup Coach School with standardized business development training to Business Developers across Ghana. I am responsible for curriculum design, design of training materials and facilitation of training sessions in person and online.
  • January 2019 to PresentSocial Enterprise Ghana - Greater Accra Regional Lead

    The goal of SE Ghana is to organize and develop a strong ecosystem for the social enterprise sector by increasing funding, driving policy, intensifying learning and innovation and ensuring that there is adequate research and data on the sector. SE Ghana is a part of the larger African Social Entrepreneurship Network (ASEN) which seeks to improve the social entrepreneurship ecosystem across the continent. SE Ghana, like other networks around the world, brings together social entrepreneurs to support one another, lead development in the social entrepreneurship space, and advocate for their shared interests.
  • January 2018 to PresentKosmos Innovation Center - Consultant & Ideation Team Member

    The Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) invests in young entrepreneurs and small businesses who have big ideas and want to see their country grow. The KIC was established in Ghana in 2016 with programs focused on inspiring and empowering young entrepreneurs to drive change in their own country. Since its inception, the KIC has focused on innovation in agriculture – the country’s most important sector and largest employer. More than 600 aspiring entrepreneurs have participated in KIC Ghana programs, resulting in the creation of more than a dozen promising start-ups that have gone on to secure seed funding, additional business training, and capital investment.
  • January 2017 to September 2019Premium Bank - SME Banking Consultant

    Premium Bank, formerly City Investments Company Limited was a commercial bank focused on providing innovative banking services to businesses. I consulted for them on their HelpStation project which was a value-add project aimed at providing relevant and much needed banking and non-banking support services to over 10,000 Startups and SMEs in Ghana.
  • August 2016 to PresentDwellworks Intercultural - Intercultural Fluency & Relocation Consultant

    Our clients manage the moves of the world’s best known companies. Our job is to make sure those moves are supported with personal care, local expertise, and the highest quality of compliance and business services standards. With over 35 years of experience, innovation, and leadership in the relocation industry, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that support the success of our clients and their customers.
  • March 2015 to October 2016UT Bank - Women Banking Consultant

    UT Bank was a commercial bank focused on providing banking services to businesses. I consulted for them on their Akoma project which was a value-add project aimed at providing relevant and much needed banking and non-banking support services to women professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • September 2013 to June 2019British Council - Consultant & Facilitator

    We have been working in Ghana since 1944. Every year we connect with thousands of students, educators, policymakers, academics, creatives and entrepreneurs in Ghana. The focus of our work is on providing opportunities for young people through: supporting young people to achieve the education, qualifications and skills needed to reach their potential in their future careers creating and developing new networks and platforms to give young people a voice in society.

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