How valuable is your seed to you?

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June 8, 2019
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January 28, 2020

I have been listening to this series by Dr. Mensa Otabil titled Dominion Mandate. I wish it will be compulsory in all schools, I wish everyone will have the opportunity to listen to this series.

In the part 3, he speaks about the Seed and the Bread; their significance and their difference. Everyone has a seed inside them and that is the source of our fruitfulness.

Your contribution and impact in this world depends on the value you place on your seed and the effort you put into growing it consistently into a true with fruits and other seeds.

The devil and enemies can not touch the seed, but they can make you overlook, disregard or neglect your seed and distract you with other things that would not eventually bring you fulfilment.

Your seed may look insignificant to you now because you are busy looking at other people’s trees. Focus on your seed, plant it, water it, prune it, protect it and watch it grow into a tree for others to admire, benefit from and be inspired by.

Not sure what your seed is but everyone has a seed. Something inside you that you don’t need to work or even pray for. Something that comes easily to you, something you do without much effort, something you are brilliant at, something people praise you for, something you stand out in, something you desire of your life, something you feel deep down is the reason for your existence, your contribution to the world.

Don’t look down on you or your seed. If you don’t do anything about it today, you will not only regret it tomorrow but you will be depriving others of the impact of your tree, fruits and other seeds.

What is your seed and how are you growing it into a tree?


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