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October 23, 2019
When Africans Thrive, Africa Thrives!
January 28, 2022


How happy are your clients?

"For many of us entrepreneurs, our excitement comes from having breathtaking light bulb moments where we have and work on new ideas sometimes at the detriment of our existing clients."


Many times, we have so many ideas and not even sure how to execute them. Ideas by themselves don’t make any one rich, it is when they have been converted into some service or product and patronized by customers that their real value emerge.

Be more focused on giving your patrons value for their time and money than exciting yourself with numerous ideas and fantasizing about building some conglomerate and being called a serial entrepreneur.

It is customers and their loyal patronage that will bring you the resources you need to pursue your biggest dreams. But paying less attention to them, you are ‘killing’ your ‘cow’ that brings you the ‘cash’.

Master customer care and you will be building a gift that keeps on giving. The happier your customers are; the happier you will be and the easier it will be to grow and expand your business.

So I ask again; How happy are your clients? Do share and let’s keep the conversation going. Wishing you the very best this week.


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