How close are you to giving up?

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Welcome to My Business Tuesday – How close are you to giving up?

This thing called Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. It is hard work, sweat and sometimes tears but the payoff is truly fulfilling if you don’t give up.

Going into entrepreneurship is a decision that is made based on several reasons including but not limited to owning your own business, being in charge of your time, being your own boss, taking advantage of an opportunity to make money, transforming your ideas into products and services, solving a problem, meeting a need, getting out of unemployment or pursuing a purpose. Regardless of your reason, one thing is certain, you made that decision and it is personal.

From afar, it often looks easy when we see businesses that are doing well but an up close look will reveal the sweat, hard work and tears it has taken for those businesses to be built. The number of hours invested, many disappointments and heartbreaks experienced, numerous battles fought, several friends lost and plenty money wasted on ideas that went south.

It is easy to dream and be passionate about the pursuit of building a big business but the reality is a whole different ball game. It takes everything in you to attain success in business. Often hit with the urge to throw in the towel and move on to pursue something easy especially when you have the qualification to get a ‘good’ job and the experience to back your claim for big salary.

It is not easy to keep going when you have the contacts to get you a job and relieve yourself of this ‘burden’ of building a business, dealing with employees, pursuing non-paying clients who make it look as though you are begging and bothering them for money you have already worked for. Business is hard work and anyone that tells you anything different is simply deceiving you. If only you will not give up trying and trying again, you will surely succeed and it will be one of the most fulfilling endeavors in your entire life.

So keep going, do not give up no matter how close you are to it. Keep holding on and trying different strategies to achieve desired results. Soon, you will see the fruits of your labour and it will be sweet indeed!

By Ekow Mensah


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