How alone are you in your relationship? #PillowTalkFriday

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Welcome to Pillow Talk Friday – How alone are you in your relationship?
One of the worst tragedies in life is to be married and still be alone. That kills faster than most diseases.
Since the beginning, from the Garden of Eden; where God saw, after creating Adam that is it not good for mankind to be alone he created Eve, so that they will provide companionship to each other. That was the beginning of the institution of marriage. So, companionship being the foundation to marriage and relationship in general, it is truly a tragedy for anyone to find themselves married but yet alone and in desperate need of companionship.
Companionship is defined as a feeling of fellowship or friendship and the establishment of a sense of belonging. Without it, people can become lonely and even depressed. Some synonyms of companionship are friendship, fellowship, closeness, togetherness, amity, intimacy, rapport, camaraderie, comradeship, solidarity, mutual support, mutual affection, acquaintance and so on. A marriage without these components in their richest of forms, is nothing but a coexistence devoid of passion, energy and a sense of belonging.
Knowing that you married to have someone you could have continuous healthy and blissful companionship with and having to now live with someone not more than a house mate can be very depressing and devastating to your health, sanity and wellbeing. It can affect your general outlook, your demeanor, your health, your productivity, your business, the pursuit of your dreams and goals, the fulfilment of your purpose and ultimately your very existence in life.
Being alone can lead to depression in the absence of an outlet. Being alone can lead to a painful loneliness that can degenerate into the development of suicidal tendencies. Indeed, marriage is said to be for better or for worse but some worse situations are not worth risking your very life and sanity for.
Marriage is blissful when spouses are best of friends and share a bond that exhumes a healthy lifestyle of communication, openness, forgiveness, care, respect and support. In the absence of these, marriage becomes a decision that one wishes they could unmake and a continuous struggle that is unbearable with an escape; though a decision away; that seems to be out of reach.
How alone do you feel in your marriage?
By Ekow Mensah

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