Happy Easter – Easter is meaningless without Forgiveness!

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January 28, 2019
Choose to be Happy Everyday!… you owe it to yourself darling!
April 22, 2019

Happy Easter to you all. In this solemn season, let’s make it a point to bury the hatchet and forgive one another no matter how painful the experience was.

Ekow Mensah Post -EasterI know! easier said than done, right?! But really, what is the point of holding on to this pain of betrayal, disappointments, heartbreak and disloyalty for all this while when you can start on a journey of forgiveness and freeing yourself of the burden of carrying on dead weight.

You deserve better, your mind needs to focus on more productive things and your heart needs to pump normally without all the palpitations that come from remembering the ordeal.

It was painful,,, yes! It was sad… yes! It was annoying…yes! It was unbelievable…yes! but do you need to still keep it alive? Thinking about it and reacting to it keeps the memory alive and worsens it negative impact in no else’s life but yours.

Whatever happened was bad enough but keeping it alive makes it worse and deprives you of the joy of being truly free to live your best life. This world is full of amazing people and breathtaking experiences but what you focus on most is what you get more of every day.

No one can live long enough to experience enough to make a definite judgement on how terrible this life is or people are. So do not make your unpleasant experiences with some people the standard for everyone else. Keep moving, keep an open mind, forgive easily and love unconditionally and soon the love you give will be returned in good measure.

Forgive them for you not for them! You’re all you’ve got… set yourself free! Easter is meaningless without forgiveness!


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