36 Highlights of my Year 2018

How close are you to giving up?
September 18, 2018
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January 20, 2019
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This is my 3rd publication in the series of highlights of my just ended year. Started in 2016 with my 34 highlights and 2017 with my 35 highlights reflective of my current age. The latest in the series will be the 36 highlights of my year 2018 and I hope it inspires you to continue to be hopeful, not to give up on yourself or your dreams and also to be inspired to be more and to do more.

2018 has indeed been an extreme bitter sweet experience with exciting highs and depressing lows. It has been a year that held so much anticipation and enthusiasm for the accomplishment of great things following the success of the previous year but ended in a perplexing state. It has been the year that gave me my greatest joy and a reason to focus on building my legacy; my first child and only son Ekow Mensah Jnr. This sweet experience has truly changed everything; my perspective of life, work, money, relationships and legacy.

Ekow Mensah Junr

As high as that was, 2018 also gave me some very depressing lows, notable amongst them being, losing my contract and sponsorships with Premium Bank for Helpstation and Ghana Startup Awards respectively due to the challenging situation faced in an effort to meet the minimum capital requirement of Bank of Ghana. This, coupled with other economic and business challenges necessitated the downsizing of my companies by 15 employees leaving only a handful to handle our extensive portfolio of initiatives and services. This automatically resulted in the shelving and postponing of some projects namely Ghana Startups Awards, Ghana Startup Club 100, WomanRising Honours, Face of GirlEmpowered, Emerging Speakers Conference and several others.

Indeed, it took everything in me to survive 2018 but I thank God that I am still strong, hopeful and determined to make 2019 my best year in business ever. With an acute focus on increasing my income, retaining profits, expanding my investments, reducing liabilities and deepening relevant relationships, I am certain that 2019 will truly be rewarding.

As reluctant as I feel in enumerating my 36 highlights in 2018 due to a sense of comparatively low accomplishment, I still will attempt to list those activities I am most proud of. So here we go:

  1. Finally became a father to an amazing son
  2. Published my first book ‘Your Dreams Matter’
  3. Hosted the 2nd Igniting Dreams Conference
  4. Launched the Torch Bearers Network & commenced bi-weekly meetings
  5. Launched the EMlive Family, Daily Facebook Live Videos and Daily Inspirational & Educational Quotes
  6. Hosted the 2nd GirlEmpowered Conference
  7. Renewed my Independent Consultant Contracts with British Council
  8. Trained close to 2000 youth enrolled in the NABCO Government Program
  9. Became the Brand Management & Business Development Consultant for VGS International
  10. Hosted and Shared a Speaking Platform with Sarkodie at the Student CEO Summit Schools Tour
  11. Founded the Africa Fashion Dialogues & Campus Style Awards (africafashiondialogues.com)
  12. Hosted the Ashesi Business Exhibition for graduating students & alumni startups
  13. Launched the Student CEO Summit Host Search & Toured 9 Schools
  14. Hosted a full session of Joy Super Morning Show
  15. Interviewed the legendary Freddy Meiway on Joy SMS
  16. Trained over 300 Entrepreneurs as part of the NEIP Government Program
  17. Partnered with Enpact Mentoring to host their startup mentoring event in Ghana
  18. Hosted the 1st TANOEhub Business Pitch Challenge
  19. Hosted the 1st Global Business Roundtable
  20. Launched the Africa Skills Academy and organized courses introductory sessions (africaskillsacademy.com)
  21. Continued my work as an Independent Consultant Judge & Ideation team member of the Kosmos Innovation CenterEkow Mensah - Highlights of my year 2018 - Personal
  22. Became a member of the presidential initiative GADIA and accompanied the team on a business trip to Turkey for one of the world’s largest textile trade shows
  23. Hosted the 2nd Women CEO Summit with Keynote speaker Lawyer Cynthia Quarcoo and some other renowned personalities such as Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay); Founder & CEO of GUBA Enterprise and organizer of the globally acclaimed GUBA Awards; Dentaa Amoateng MBE, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Glitz Africa; Claudia Lumor, Actress and CEO of ABC Pictures Gh; Kafui Danku, Founder and CEO of Start Right Infant & Child Nutrition Network (SRICNN); Vera Osei-Bonsu and lastly Founder and Women’s Advocate of Noble Ladies of Tema West; Edem Attipoe.
  24. Organized the 1st WomanRising Expo with over 30 Exhibitors from 10 economic sectors
  25. Featured on a number of TV and Radio shows with stations like Joy Fm, Joy Prime, GH One, Metro TV, GN TV, Adom Fm and SVTV.
  26. Keynote Speaker at the Gathering of Business Minds by AGCM Business Chamber
  27. Had first full frame billboard feature from talentsinafrica.com
  28. Launched the WomanRising Go To Woman Campaign & WomanRising Spotlight
  29. Hosted the JA Africa Company of the Year Pitch Session
  30. Trained finalist of the Presidential Pitch competition at the Ministry of Business Development
  31. Founded the Women Empowerment, Gender & Development (WEGAD) Secretariat (www.wegad.org)
  32. Hosted the 1st WEGAD Forum with over 40 Women Empowerment Organizations
  33. Fulfilled over 20 Speaking Engagements
  34. Launched the TANOE Money Blog Website for Business, Investment & Wealth (tanoemoney.com)
  35. Launched The Ekow Mensah Youth Impact Awards (TEMYIA)
  36. Transformed the WomanRising Website into a world class blog website to inspire & inform women all over the world.

As eventful as 2018 has been, it has equally been very challenging economically mainly due to the rapid economic transformation policies and programs being implemented by the current government. Regardless, we left no stone unturned in ensuring we make the year as productive as possible. My experiences in 2018 gave me very tangible and life changing lessons which I am definitely entering 2019 with to ensure it becomes my best year so far.

Ekow Mensah Junr

If 2018 was not your year, do not waste any more emotions on being worried or troubled with your results. Focus on the year ahead and make every minute, hour, day, week and month count in 2019. Do not focus on the hype, the thrill and excitement of starting new things or the recognition of awards but let all your attention be on the result. In business, your focus should ultimately and consistently be on the sales and revenue beyond anything else. In life, your focus should be on connecting with family, building life long and productive relationships and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I do not know what 2019 holds, but I am overly optimistic that it will be my best year ever. Hope that is your conviction and optimism too. See you in 2019 and have a happy new year.

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