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EMI Projects.fwOn 31st December, 2016, I started a tradition of writing about my highlights of the just ended year limiting it to the number of my age, so my first article was on the 34 highlights of my year 2016. This saw the listing of 34 things I together with my team successfully accomplished in 2016 that I was most proud of. This year, the tradition continues. This time, the number increases from 34 to 35 since I was 35 years old in 2017. So below is the 35 highlights of my year 2017. Hope it inspires you to be more and to do more in 2018. You have what it takes to achieve way more than you think you have achieved now and in 2018 I hope you will accomplish more than you did in 2017.

How do I describe 2017? It has been the year that I have experienced extreme emotions made up of excruciating pain and exceeding joy, heartbreaking betrayal and admirable loyalty, evidence of enemies and showcase of friendship, shocking rejections and overwhelming support. 2017 has indeed been an eventful year. For those that read my 34 highlights last year and could not believe how much we accomplished in 2016, I am very excited to announce to you that we did way more in 2017 which makes 2016 look like a child’s play. Unfortunately, it is only 35 of those achievements I can itemize in this article but will ensure it captures the very essential juices that will both excite and empower you to do more in 2018.Ekow Mensah - Highlights of my year 2017 - Capacity Building

As usual, I did not do all these without the support, prayers and investments of time, skills and resources of some amazing individuals who I call my earthly angels. I will not be able to mention them all here so forgive me if I skip your name but remember that without you, we could not have accomplished all we did in 2017. Notable amongst my earthly angels are my ever comforting wife AJ Mensah, my ever supportive family, my able and ever ready team members, my one and only mentor Kwasi Tumi, my die hard supporters Makafui and Mr. Ofori, my donor Josephine, my supportive Premium Bank and British Council colleagues and several others that made my year 2017 a truly fulfilling and successful year. I say a big thank you and God bless you all for having my back and supporting my vision and exploits. Let’s do way more in 2018, shall we!

So here we go, 35 Highlights of my year 2017…

  1. Participated in and hosted a panel session for the 1st Entreprise Africa Summit at Kempinski Hotel by the British Council
  2. Got Certified as an Active Citizens trainer for British Council in Senegal
  3. Hosted the 2nd Edition of Ghana Startup Awards 2017 at Movenpick Ambassador hotel, Accra
  4. Inducted the 1st Cohort of Ghana Startup Club 100 being the 1st exclusive network for promising and thriving startups in Ghana
  5. Named amongst the 100 Most Influential Young Africans on the African Continent
  6. Trained over 100 Social Entrepreneurs as part of the Active Citizens Program in Accra and Kumasi for British Council
  7. Hosted the GirlEmpowered Conference with over 400 high school female students and over 30 speakers and mentors in attendance
  8. Launched my personal brand ekowmensah.com and hosted the 1st Igniting Dreams Conference in Accra with over 400 young people in attendanceTANOE Greetings.fw
  9. Launched Student CEO Summit, an initiative that seeks to promote entrepreneurship in over 100 tertiary and senior high schools in Ghana in partnership with Crystal Capital Investments
  10. Spoke at the 1st Africa Dialogues by the organizers of TEDxAccra, People Initiative Foundation
  11. Trained Facilitators, teachers and heads of Schools in Liberia for British Council
  12. Received the Coca Cola Top 60 Young Leaders Award in Entrepreneurship Development in Ghana
  13. Spoke at a number of Rotaract, Rotary and Lion Clubs in Accra
  14. Launched and executed the 1st Business Pageant in Ghana dubbed Face of GirlEmpowered with Amanda Aseye Dzokoto becoming the 1st Business Queen
  15. Hosted 4 episodes of WR Cliques, a close unit invitation-only capacity building and networking workshop for women entrepreneurs
  16. Launched tanoebusiness.com, Ghana’s first business news website for entrepreneurs
  17. Launched my business consultancy; Ekow Mensah Consulting – ekowmensahconsulting.com
  18. Launched 100 Emerging Brands, an initiative by Ekow Mensah Consulting to provide tailor-made business coaching and support to 100 young businesses in Ghana
  19. Launched Speakers Bureau Africa and the website speakersafrica.com
  20. Hosted the International Women’s Day Conference with over 150 women in attendance with support from MTN, Internet Solutions and KPMG.
  21. Hosted Meeting of the Minds 2017 with focus on helping entrepreneurs make their 1st million in business
  22. Spoke at TEDx University of Ghana and became a panel member at Youth Sector Engagement Stakeholders Dialogue at Alisa Hotel
  23. Founded PamperDem Ministries and got over 500 members in less than a month and also Launched PamperdemTV – pamperdem.com
  24. Postulated a success formula and spoke about it on several platforms throughout the yearEkow Mensah - Highlights of my year 2017 - TANOE Activities
  25. Had my first full hour webinar session with Motivating Africa on Entrepreneurship
  26. Hosted 3 pitch sessions and supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and SMEs through the Premium Bank HelpStation
  27. Hosted and spoke at some exciting events including the British Council Customer Service Week Conference, BKC Consulting ReBrand Summit, Ashesi Entrepreneurship Class of 2017, British Council Social Thursday, Blazing trails Finale, Ashesi Business Exhibition 2017
  28. Launched and executed the 1st Emerging Speakers Challenge which hosted 30 young emerging speakers to a 6 weeks public speaking and personal branding grooming program that saw Theodore Abiwu becoming the 1st Emerging Speakers Challenge Winner for 2017.
  29. Hosted the 1st Emerging Speakers Conference in Accra with the Emerging Speakers Challenge contestants as keynote speakers
  30. Hosted the 1st Women CEO Summit; a WomanRising Conference on Global Business Leadership that saw over 500 women CEO and entrepreneurs in attendance at Movenpick Hotel
  31. Won an Achievement Award for the development and promotion of Entrepreneurship at the 1st Young Entrepreneurs Awards in Accra
  32. Released the 2nd Edition of the Top 60 Corporate Women Leaders in Ghana list and hosted them to an awards & networking cocktail at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel
  33. Keynote speaker at Challenges World Wide Conference in Accra
  34. Launched TANOE Research and it released the 2nd Edition of the 100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana list and the 1st 60 Outstanding SMEs in Ghana list in Commemoration of the International SME Day
  35. Launch of HelpStation Solutions TV Show & became a constant panel member on the Solutions business review show airing in TV3 every Wednesday 8pm

Ekow Mensah - Highlights of my year 2017 - Capacity BuildingIndeed 2017 has been an eventful year. A year that saw the execution of a lot of the initiatives that were only ideas in my head some years ago such as a solo speaking conference, a business pageant and a public speaking competition which came off successfully. It is a year that also saw me winning several awards for my achievements in Entrepreneurship Development in Ghana.

In 2018, I will certainly build on my achievements in 2017 but ensure that at all cost I will focus more attention on my personal brand building efforts, completing my pending books, supporting entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to grow sustainably, building a formidable and well equipped team and breaking new territories in other African countries.

I am truly grateful to God for an amazing 2017 and look forward to 2018 with hope, optimism and an unwavering passion to igniting dreams, impacting lives and restoring hope to many around the world.

My biggest lesson for 2017 is to live light by getting rid of everything and everyone that stresses you, your business and your dreams. You are the most important person in the world and when you have less things to worry about, you are able to focus on things that truly matter.

Remember that it  is not how many things you do that matter but how well you do them. Don’t relent in the pursuit of your dreams and the focus on living a lasting legacy. Someday soon, if you don’t give up, you will certainly succeed. I wish you the very best in 2018.Ekow Mensah - Highlights of my year 2017 - Personal







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